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About Us

The number of Sri Lankans who have migrated to Australia for employment and permanent residence is very large. Out of these people, a large number have obtained Australian Citizenship and the majority of these live in Melbourne. Our Institution is a formed by a group of such people who are gifted with cultural talents and interests, living in Melbourne.

Our Unsurpassed Works

Our first production "Visanvadhaya" created with young Sri Lankan university student living in Melbourne. It was finished at January 2006 and publishes in TV channel 31in Australia. That short film script, edited and directed by our founder Mr. Sumedha Rathnasekara Our 2nd goal is a "Saswamika" feature film also script edited and directed by Mr. Sumedha Rathnasekara. It was movie length and direct publishes in two times in Melbourne and also publish in "TV Lanka" TV Channel in Sri Lanka. We have strived to produce high quality video production work in a variety of fields. This website explains the services we offer and how you can go about engaging us.

Videotape, Film & DVD Services

Worried about losing your precious video or film? No problem! Sumedha Home Video has a high quality DVD transfer system that can accommodate film and video. We can also create custom authored menus to further enhance your DVD transfer and can handle any quantity of duplication.

Corporate Videos

We have produced corporate videos for clients all over Australia and Sri lanka. Contact the professional staff at Sumedha Home Video to talk over your requirements and obtain a no-obligation quote.

Product Range

Sumedha Home Video has a visual solution for you in a wide range of products and services:

  • Corporate productions

  • Multimedia presentations

  • Training videos

  • Event productions

  • Television advertisements

  • Videoing services

  • Editing services

Graphic Design

Here is your relevant source for all your graphic design related problems. We are here to help you with all your designing needs. We have been on the web for quite some time now and are known for our quality and timely work. For us graphic design is a combination of ideas, relevancy and more importantly technology. We have a professional team of graphic designers that possess artistic ability and creative thinking for designing eye catching graphic design. We have different strategies for artistic layouts and create visual images that engage, attract and sell. We are able to adjust to priorities and are able to meet the necessary deadlines for multiple projects. We at are committed to our customers to provide them quality work at affordable prices.

Our Specialty

• Logo Design:

We provide our customers with beautiful logo designs that are 100% original and unique. We believe in providing our customers with high quality logo designs and at affordable rates.

• Stationary Design:

We provide our customers with high quality stationary designs that enhance their company identity. It is said that a professionally designed stationary gives a credible look for any business.

• Brochure Design:

There is no doubt that brochures are a spearhead of any marketing efforts. We are here to help you with all your brochure design needs. We have professional designers for such types of jobs and ensure that the final product is as per your liking.

Web Design

If you want to create a Web site that is high quality, then you should follow some general rules. Understanding why your customers come to your site and how you can make your site more useful to them Our design team experts are here to serve you in all your web design related needs. Web design is a growing industry. A professional web design company ensures the online success of your business. Your website is an investment that if placed into the hands of the inexperienced, may produce little or no results. Whether you need a new website, our team offers professional web design solutions for your business.

19th Jun,2013 - 01.00PM
Our Next Movie "Nodath Thathu" Shooting, Saturday 19th Jun 2013 - 01.00PM check Your Emails for Location and Other Details.
9th Sep,2012 - 09.00 AM
Our Next Movie "Nodath Thathu" Shooting, Sunday 9th Sep 2012 09.00 AM check Your Emails for Location and Other Details.
27th July,2012 - 07.00PM
Our Next Movie "Nodath Thathu" Shooting, Friday 27th July 2012 07.00 PM check Your Emails for Location and Other Details.
08th July,2012 - 09.00AM
Our Next Movie "Nodath Thathu" Shooting, Sunday 08th July 2012 09.00 AM check Your Emails for Location and Other Details.
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